30/7/14 – Prospect at Gamebridge


The weekly SitRep will be a bit later this week as we’ll be demoing our game at Gamebridge (https://www.facebook.com/gamebridge)  in Middlesbrough tomorrow. This will be one of the first times we’ve shown the game to anyone so we are pretty excited!

I’m moving the SitReps to Fridays from now on as it will be easier to include updates of events that happen in weekdays, such as this one. This Friday we will have a few new cool things to show from Daedalus as well as plenty of stuff from Gamebridge.

In the mean time, here’s an (almost) looping gif of the current main menu that just missed inclusion the last SitRep:

The very illuminated main menu
The very illuminated main menu


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Jack Bognar

Designer at Prospect Games

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