Daedalus – SitRep #8

It’s been an exciting week for us as we have two new team members on the project; Christopher Jack (programmer) and Samuel Smith (artist). With them we can now begin to up the ante on new content and visuals. As well as this we’ve rebuilt the quadcopter handling model and improved the basement level shown last week.

Quadcopter Handling

Tim has rebuilt the quadcopter to behave in a much more realistic manner, with more detailed and accurate physics forces being applied to it.


The quadcopter now auto levels properly, making collisions easier to recover from. This is now representative of how the quadcopter will feel in the finished game, with balancing, polish and optimization remaining.

Quadcopter Concepts

With our new team members we can focus more attention on areas that need polish and content. For instance, Sam has been fleshing out concepts for the quadcopter, as shown below:


Environment Update

As shown last week, I’ve been working on a small area that we will use to refine the art style and experiment with gameplay mechanics.

UE4Editor 2014-09-14 13-06-05-11 UE4Editor 2014-09-14 13-08-15-95 UE4Editor 2014-09-14 13-03-06-66 UE4Editor 2014-09-14 13-04-56-88

The player’s objective in this area is to infiltrate a sealed lab. All entrances are locked, but if the player explores the ventilation shafts they can find openings from which they can remotely hack the door controls, allowing access into the room. There are multiple ways into the lab, each with their own pro’s and cons, so exploration is key.

The player can hack a door control panel from the vent below
Then the player can enter through the unlocked door

Drink Up! 

Also, in case you missed it last week, Update Events will be hosting DrinkUp! at The Printworks in Manchester on the 9th October, so visit the Eventbrite page here to grab a ticket, meet game devs and see cool indie games!

That’s it for this week’s update! Thanks for checking out the game, more to follow next week!

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Jack Bognar

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