Daedalus – Sitrep #9

This week we’ve updated the basement level with AI and objectives, added a new quadcopter model and started developing exterior building tiles.

Quadcopter Model Updated

We’ve added one of the concepts Sam made into the game, and already things look significantly better! We are still nailing down how the final quadcopter will look, so expect to see more concepts soon.

UE4Editor 2014-09-19 16-52-09-31 UE4Editor 2014-09-19 16-51-53-82 UE4Editor 2014-09-19 16-49-40-54 UE4Editor 2014-09-19 16-49-17-69

You can see a 3D view of the model here.

Outdoor Environment

I’ve started creating basic tiles for exterior structures. These will become more detailed and specific over time but it already allows for rapid prototyping of building  shaped and styles. The gif below is from the whitebox for the first level of Daedalus, which sees players infiltrate the facility above ground before heading deeper into the complex. The basement we have fleshed out will be located beneath one of these buildings.


Guard Dog Hacking Terminals

Tim has added terminals through which it is possible to possess a Guard Dog and cause choas:


This is already a fun change of pace from the tension of sneaking around. The player will not be invulnerable when using a Guard Dog as their quadcopter can still be located and destroyed, and enemies will be on much higher alert, making them harder to sneak past. However, hacking a Guard Dog can be a way to cause a distraction or attack enemies head on.

Basement Level – AI and Objectives

We’ve updated the basement with AI enemies and a win condition. The gif below shows how a worker has spotted the quadcopter and runs to grab a Guard Dog, while the player escapes up an elevator shaft.


IndieDB Page

We will be updating the IndieDB page with more info regarding Daedalus, so be sure to check it out as we start to upload content and demos!

More next week!

That’s all for Daedalus this week! We’ve also been working on a side project, so expect some news on that this weekend. Thanks for checking out the game, more to follow next week!

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Jack Bognar

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