ZEROCAR: Future Motorsport – Winter 2018

Below is an image listing all the content I inted to add to ZEROCAR: Future Motorsport from now until the end of the year: I’ll be posting a preview of what the first thing to be released will be next week, as well as when to expect it.   Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming content: Wales – A 30km lap through the Welsh countryside. Sweden – A short but demanding technical track in a dense forest. Japan – A medium length lap which will appeal to those who love drifting…. Read More

ZEROCAR: Future Motorsport – Now on Steam Early Access

ZEROCAR: Future Motorsport is now available on Steam Early Access! The game currently features Time Trial on six tracks, with three cars. This content will be expanded over the next few months, and I’ll soon add a project road map listing all the things I aim to add. At the moment my priority is fixing any bugs and issues people have encountered, especially any crashes, leaderboard or game mode issues. I’ll also be updating this site with previews of any content that will be added, so be sure to tune in for… Read More

Unbox at Insomnia and Rezzed video round-up

Things have been getting busy for us at Prospect Games. We’ve been travelling to several shows demoing the game to the public and this Easter weekend we’ll be down in Coventry for Insomnia! More news about this weekend can be found on our IndieDB page here.     We also recently showed the game off at Rezzed in London and got lots of positive feedback. We’ve implemented lots of fixes, changes and added new maps so if you played it at Rezzed it should play a lot better this weekend.   Here’s a… Read More