ZEROCAR: Future Motorsport – Now on Steam Early Access

ZEROCAR: Future Motorsport is now available on Steam Early Access!

The game currently features Time Trial on six tracks, with three cars. This content will be expanded over the next few months, and I’ll soon add a project road map listing all the things I aim to add.


At the moment my priority is fixing any bugs and issues people have encountered, especially any crashes, leaderboard or game mode issues.

I’ll also be updating this site with previews of any content that will be added, so be sure to tune in for more info!


GDC 2015 and Rezzed

It’s been an exciting month for us so far, Andrew and I have just got back from GDC 2015 in San Francisco and in a few days we’ll be exhibiting Unbox at Rezzed!


The 2015 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco was fantastic, we met loads of awesome people and managed to show the game off a little. The event had it’s fair share of big announcements, biggest for us being that Unreal 4 is now completely free! Aside from that it was great to hang out and do touristy stuff with Ashley Stancil and Samuel Read of Hypersloth (developers of Dream)!

The entrance to GDC in the Moscone Centre
The entrance to GDC in the Moscone Centre

As for Unbox itself, it’s come along quite a bit over the last two months. We’ve made a new trailer which you can enjoy below:

If you’ve not seen the game before, Unbox is a crazy platformer where you play as a sentient cardboard box, hell bent on delivering itself to a destination. Jump, Unbox (essentially a double jump mechanic with limited uses) and fire rockets at your friends in Split Screen multiplayer. Unbox was originally made for the Unreal 4 December Gamejam, but we decided that we liked the idea enough to finish it!

You can wear human clothes as a cardboard box

If you’re going to Rezzed then be sure to drop by the stand and play the game, we’ll be demoing it in four player mode so come and join the carnage! If you want to follow the progress of the game and get more frequent updates follow @ProspectGames as well!

Daedalus – Sitrep #10

This week we’ve been working on a lot of behind the scenes fixes, optimisations and have revamped the AI behaviour to be more efficient. As well as this we have some really cool mockups that Sam’s been working on and the initial whitebox for what will become the first level of Daedalus.

Environment Mockups

Sam’s been working on some initial environment mockups. Although they’re a work in progress they already create a strong sense of atmosphere and serve to display the style we are aiming for in the environments. The first two pictures are screenshots of the game running in editor, and for us it’s exciting to see the new quadcopter model in a nicer looking environment.


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First Level Layout Whitebox

I’ve been working on the rough plan for the first level and have created a basic whitebox. The first level is an open area that allows players to tackle some simple objectives in a variety of ways. As well as this, the level will be split up into smaller areas that will eventually become multiplayer maps.

UE4Editor 2014-09-26 17-58-08-30 UE4Editor 2014-09-26 17-54-54-78

This will be the main focus for level design over the next few weeks, so I’ll be posting updates on it progress in each SitRep. The basement area we worked on will be located under one of these buildings.

Drink Up!


There’s just under two weeks left to Drink Up, so ifyou are in Manchester around the 9th October and want to see Daedalus and other cool indie games, grab a ticket here and head to Shooters Sports Bar in The Printworks from 19:00.


More Daedalus news next week! Thanks for reading!