Daedalus – SitRep #11

This week there’s been further development of the first level whitebox and some new environment mockups. We’ve also started to implement human soldier AI enemies and playable human characters, although we aim to show this in a future SitRep as it’s in a very early phase.

Environment and Asset Mockups

Sam has been working on transforming concept images to 3D environment mockups. Below is artwork of a lab scene which has been fleshed out into 3D. The 3D work helps to demonstrate the layered nature of the environments, with even small rooms having various routes through them.


2D Concept Art of a lab environment


3D mockup of the same area

Additionally Sam has begun concepting smaller details in the environment, such as the keypad below:


Level One Whitebox Progress

The Construction Site has been developed further from last week and a few new buildings have been added, namely the Tank Hangar and Civilian Accommodation.

UE4Editor 2014-10-03 17-41-54-85

Part of the construction site. This area will server as the tutorial area as it has plenty of space for the player to get to grips with the handling, and no security to stop them

UE4Editor 2014-10-03 17-53-19-21

View into the construction site from outside. The construction site will also feature as a multiplayer level

UE4Editor 2014-10-03 17-50-41-86

The entrance to the tank hangar

UE4Editor 2014-10-03 17-49-17-97

The back of the tank hangar and one of the pipeline trenches

UE4Editor 2014-10-03 17-45-24-80

Underneath the civilian accommodation building

One Week to DrinkUp!



DrinkUp! is on Thursday, so there’s a week left to get a ticket if you’re able to get to The Printworks in Manchester from 19:00 onward. Currently there are just shy of two hundred attendees so it will to be a great opportunity to meet tons of game devs and service providers. Grab a ticket here!

Thanks for reading! More to follow next week…

Daedalus – Sitrep #10

This week we’ve been working on a lot of behind the scenes fixes, optimisations and have revamped the AI behaviour to be more efficient. As well as this we have some really cool mockups that Sam’s been working on and the initial whitebox for what will become the first level of Daedalus.

Environment Mockups

Sam’s been working on some initial environment mockups. Although they’re a work in progress they already create a strong sense of atmosphere and serve to display the style we are aiming for in the environments. The first two pictures are screenshots of the game running in editor, and for us it’s exciting to see the new quadcopter model in a nicer looking environment.


LgGXezW cs7FUqj YYRsihw

First Level Layout Whitebox

I’ve been working on the rough plan for the first level and have created a basic whitebox. The first level is an open area that allows players to tackle some simple objectives in a variety of ways. As well as this, the level will be split up into smaller areas that will eventually become multiplayer maps.

UE4Editor 2014-09-26 17-58-08-30 UE4Editor 2014-09-26 17-54-54-78

This will be the main focus for level design over the next few weeks, so I’ll be posting updates on it progress in each SitRep. The basement area we worked on will be located under one of these buildings.

Drink Up!


There’s just under two weeks left to Drink Up, so ifyou are in Manchester around the 9th October and want to see Daedalus and other cool indie games, grab a ticket here and head to Shooters Sports Bar in The Printworks from 19:00.


More Daedalus news next week! Thanks for reading!

New Project – Falcons

As I mentioned in the most recent SitRep, we have been working on a few other ideas and prototypes. One of which is Falcons, a futuristic super high speed racer. We’re all huge fans of games like Wipeout and F-Zero, so we’ve decided to try and create our own take on this sub-genre of racing. We’re also keen to start working with the Oculus Rift and other VR devices, as virtual reality seems to really shine in cockpit games like flight and space sims.

Over the next few months I’ll update the blog with news and updates on how Falcons is progressing. Our main focus is still Daedalus, so the updates on Falcons won’t be as regular, but I will update the blog as soon as there are new things to show. In the mean time, the current vehicle model can be seen here.

The images below show the current (very bare bones) prototype:

Falcons 2014-09-21 18-13-01-83 Falcons 2014-09-21 18-12-35-51

And some gifs of it in action below. We’ll get some videos up as soon as things look a bit nicer!

Falconvid1 falconvid2


As there’s more to show I’ll post more Falcons updates, and if people like it then I’ll try do a regular update.

Thanks for reading! Expect more Falcons news over the next two weeks or so.