Unbox at Insomnia and Rezzed video round-up

Things have been getting busy for us at Prospect Games. We’ve been travelling to several shows demoing the game to the public and this Easter weekend we’ll be down in Coventry for Insomnia! More news about this weekend can be found on our IndieDB page here.




We also recently showed the game off at Rezzed in London and got lots of positive feedback. We’ve implemented lots of fixes, changes and added new maps so if you played it at Rezzed it should play a lot better this weekend.

The booth at Rezzed


Here’s a roundup of all the interviews Andrew gave over the course of Rezzed:

We also briefly featured in a Eurogamer round up:

And lastly, Platform32 did a preview of the game:

So as you can see, Rezzed was a great time and we’re super excited for Insomnia this Easter weekend, see you there!

Don’t forget to check the Unbox Indie DB page for more news and downloads!